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Spoken Word Poet. National Speaker. Teaching Artist.

Cynthia Amoah is a Columbus, Ohio based poet, performer, and teaching artist. She received her MFA from The New School (Poetry) in 2019 where she was awarded the prestigious Paul Violi Poetry Prize (2018), as well as Excellence In Poetry (2019)

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TEDx Ohio University

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Poetry Performances

Amoah sincerely believes poetry is a powerful tool that when utilized correctly (whether on the page or stage) can lead to transformation, challenge thinking, solace, self-expression, community-building,


Keynote Speaking

Amoah has garnered many opportunities to speak and address crowds of varying demographics and sizes over the span of her career. Since 2006, she has delivered keynote speeches at competitive venues and stages.



As a published and performance poet, Amoah values both mediums equally. And she knows first hand that it can take hard work (but not impossible work!) and much time spent before one is ready for the stage.


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Client Love

“Cynthia was able to come in during a creative writing project in my classroom, share her work with my students, and they were immediately captivated and inspired.”

Dr. Yolanda Triplett Stewart

Educator, Columbus, OH

I am a better human being for having met Cynthia and her poems.

Chiquita R. Nalls Toure

Columbus, OH

Cynthia was able to come in during a creative writing project in my classroom, share her work with my students, and they were immediately captivated and inspired

Dr. Yolanda Triplett Stewart

Educator, Columbus, OH

Cynthia is a breath of fresh air.

Dominic Davy

New York, NY

I remember how low I was feeling about the total disregard of black lives in this country and the power of Cynthia’s words calmed me – even for a moment

Lachoy Harris

New York, NY

It was the first time I had ever heard such a dynamic performer and I was rocked to my core.

Staci Shockley-Matthews

Dayton, OH

Cynthia’s words are simply phenomenal. Listen closely or you will miss the meaning behind her words

Anna Opoku-Agyemang

Baltimore, MD

Through her impassioned poetry, Cynthia shares her bold life story with the world. She assembles her words like a jigsaw puzzle and connects their meanings in ways that inspire the importance of one’s roots. In leaving a piece of herself in each phrase, she successfully remains authentic, raw, and fresh

Gabriel da Cunha Lima & Team

President, TEDxDrewUniversity

The piece that Cynthia wrote for me was the first time I realized that her gift of poetry transcends the spaces in which poetry is thought to thrive.

Abby Nyantakyi

Chapman and Cutler, LLP

Cynthia gave a powerful performance for our annual women’s empowerment event at Viacom in Times Square. She left every young girl at the event enlightened and empowered. Her words, message, and raw emotion were incredibly inspirational.

Victor Munoz

Chapman and Cutler, LLP

Cynthia’s performance was dynamic, raw and powerful. Her words dazzled and moved the audience, as we watched her grace the stage with her captivating presence.

Andres Santiago Piña

New York, NY

Through careful, emphatic choices, Cynthia’s poetry is an inroad into her motherland, the glorious testament of where it all began.

Meher Manda

Culture Critic, Poet, Educator, New York, NY

Cynthia’s deep sense of knowledge and passion for her work makes her presentations one of a kind…eloquent, vivacious, fluent and powerful.

Cynthia Prah

National Information Officer, United Nations Information Centre, Accra, Ghana